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The Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 2019

It's that time of year again. Students everywhere are preparing for their final exams and soon they will leave behind the empty classrooms and flock to pools, beaches, and everywhere in between for the summer! 

It can be tricky to pick out the best graduation gift for a recent high school or college graduate. Graduating is a huge accomplishment and the gift you give should reflect that! 

But don't you worry! Giving gifts is kind of our thing and we've rounded up the best graduation gift ideas for 2019! Keep reading for inexpensive & unique high school or college graduation gift ideas for girls...


17 Month Agenda - Very Busy

Staying organized post-graduation can be tricky! A planner or agenda is a timeless graduation gift idea. Whether they are heading to college in the fall or will be lining up job interviews all summer, they will need a place to keep track of everything. This metallic agenda is perfect for the girl with a bold personality. The compact size is perfect for the girl-on-the-go and is easy to throw into a backpack or tote bag! 


17 Month Planner - GRL PWR

This one is for the girl boss who is ready to take on the world! The larger size of this planner is perfect for keeping on your desk, at work, or in your dorm! This gift is the perfect way to remind them of just how strong they really are. Girls can do anything! You can't go wrong with an empowering graduation gift in 2019.


Desktop File Organizer - Gold

No matter if your recent graduate is heading to college or into the working world, they will probably have a new desk to decorate! Papers can pile up quickly, but this file organizer is an easy way to keep your desktop clear of too much clutter! Helping your recent graduate stay organized will help her find success in the challenging months ahead!

Pen - Diamond Top

This Diamond Top Pen is perfect for every shining star! This makes the perfect gift for your daughter, sister, girlfriend, and more for her graduation. Let her know that you think she is as strong and as beautiful as a diamond! Any girl would feel extra confident taking notes with such a stunning pen.

Desk Block - The Best Is Yet To Come

The meaning behind this gift is perfect for anyone who has recently graduated from high school or college! Every ending in life brings new beginnings that can lead to amazing things, but change can be very scary. She is getting ready to leave behind everything that is familiar in search of her next adventure, and this desk block will serve as a lovely reminder that she has good things ahead! Plus, it is the perfect decoration for a new dorm or apartment! This is definitely one of the best high school or college graduation gifts!

Pink Unicorn Bank

This one is for all of the college graduates! Money can be stressful at this point in life; college has ended and now you are left with bills, bills, & more bills. Help her get off to a good start by making it fun to save money! This metallic Unicorn Bank is decorative & functional! Plus, she will feel a major sense of accomplishment each time she fills it. This graduation gift is unique and unexpected, landing it at the top of our list!

Coffee Mug - Unicorn - Believe In Magic

Heading into the workforce? You'll need caffeine! Heading to college? You'll need caffeine there, too! This Unicorn Mug will remind the new graduate to 'believe in magic' even on the endless early mornings. Just because she is more grown up now doesn't mean she doesn't need some magic in her life! She will be thankful for this awesome gift each time she makes a cup of coffee.

Coffee Mug - The Future Is Female

Serve up some confidence to the recent grad! This oversized mug will remind your 2019 graduate that she can do anything she sets her mind to. And once she's had her morning cup of coffee, she will conquer the world! This mug is one of our top picks for a graduation gift because it will inspire the next generation to reach for their dreams & beyond.

Monogram Water Bottle

This Monogram Water Bottle is the perfect, personalized gift for a 2019 graduation. She will love having a water bottle with her initial on it to bring with her on all of her new adventures. The design of this water bottle is perfect for the busy girl. The top securely closes and the carabiner allows you to clip it to your backpack! You can never go wrong with a cute water bottle as a gift idea!

Lunch Tote - Find Joy In The Ordinary

For many reasons, packing lunch is becoming more and more trendy. It's cost-effective, better for the environment, and helps you to stay healthy during long days at the office! Any 2019 graduate is sure to appreciate this reusable, insulated lunch bag! That's why we've included it in our list of the best graduation gift ideas for her.

Luggage Tags - Pineapple & Toucan Luggage Tags

Perhaps the best gift of all would be a tropical vacation! But, since that is most likely out of the question, how about some fun travel accessories! Many recent graduates will be heading on trips around the world to celebrate the accomplishment of graduating. These bright luggage tags are perfect for spotting your suitcase at a crowded airport!

None of these ideas catch your eye? We have so many more gift options that would make amazing 2019 graduation gifts! You can browse our complete Graduation Gift Collection to find the perfect gift for your special graduate.

And don't forget you can send the gift right to your graduate with a personalized, hand-written note! Just let us know what to write and we'll do the rest. You can write your note at checkout. We make it easier than ever to send graduation gifts!

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