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the best cat themed gifts for cat lovers in 2019

Cat Lover Gift Guide - The Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

Cat lovers; we all know one. Maybe they take adorable Instagram photos of their kitty every day because theirs is the cutest. Maybe they take their cat for walks on a leash. Maybe they don't even have a cat, but they're still obsessed! With so many cat people in the world, there are also SO many cat products on the market. 

But, don't be a scaredy-cat. The best cat gifts are right here at Posh + Pop! Whether it's their birthday, cat-iversary, or just because, we have the perfect cat-themed gift for them! And the best part? We'll send it to them with a hand-written note!

Read on for a round-up of the cutest cat-themed gift ideas of 2019:

For The Kitchen:

There is no better sous-chef than a furry friend! Cat fur makes everything taste a little better, right? Maybe not.

Instead of bringing real cats into the kitchen, check out our favorite cat-themed kitchen accessories & gifts!

White Cat Sponge Holder

This cuddly cat sponge holder is definitely the cutest sponge holder you'll ever own. Easily keep your counter & sink looking sightly just by adding this happy ceramic cat onto your countertop. Reduces countertop clutter & adds some major cat lady vibes. Purrr-fect, if you ask us. 

Cat Measuring Spoons

Serve up some deliciousness (we're thinking homemade cat treats?) with this set of cat-shaped measuring spoons! Cooking is more fun when everything is shaped like a kitty. These measuring spoons make the perfect, unexpected cat-lover gift!

Cat Measuring Cups

If you're into having a cat-themed kitchen, then you absolutely need these cat measuring cups right meow! The complete set is made from sturdy ceramic and can hold up, even in the roughest & toughest catfights! When it comes to cat lover gifts, this idea takes the cake.

Spoon Rest

We think this spoon rest is paw-sitively adorable! Place it on your stove or countertop and you'll always have somewhere to place your dirty spoons. This kitchen gift is perfect for those mid-cooking, kitten cuddle breaks. 


For The Bedroom:

We spend so much time in our bedrooms, it's important to decorate it with items & colors that make us happy. There is even evidence suggesting that the way we decorate our bedrooms can have psychological effects on us. 

That means, the more cats, the better! And since we can't fill all of our bedrooms with actual cats, check out some of these decorative kitty items that are perfect for the bedroom & beyond.

Kitten Candle

Cozy up with your real-life feline friend while you enjoy the sweet vanilla scent of this cuddly cat candle! The simple white & gold color scheme looks elegant on any nightstand, dresser, or shelf! Candles always make a great gift for any occasion.

Makeup Brush Holder

Clutter can accumulate quickly. Keep your vanity, dresser, desktop, and more organized with this white & gold brush holder! Perfect for storing makeup brushes, pens & pencils, or maybe even cat toys! Take your space from cluttered to too cute!

White Cat Candle

We'd love to wake up every morning to this cute cat face sitting on our nightstand, wouldn't you? Your cat-loving best friend definitely would! This cat candle is the gift that keeps on giving. Burn it down and then use it as a catch-all dish, flower pot, and so much more!


For The Coffee Lover:

Cat lovers. Coffee lovers. Oh my!

Maybe you know someone who fits both categories. If that's the case, one of these adorable cat coffee or tea mugs will make the perfect gift for them. 

Black Cat Mug

This cat-shaped coffee mug is a Posh + Pop favorite! Make your mornings a little cuter and enjoy your coffee in this 20 oz ceramic mug. Sip your way to the bottom to reveal a secret message from your furry friend.

Cat Tail Mug

The playful design of this kitty mug is perfect for all the playful cat parents out there! The loving details of this mug will make it your favorite in no time at all. Morning 'meows' are our favorite way to start the day.

Kit-Tea Cat Mug

This kit-tea cat is the cutest cup out there! Let your tea steep, then use the tea bag holder to store the tea bag until you are all finished! The oversized design is perfect for those mornings that your kitty wakes you up extra early.

We're not kitten around; your kitty-loving friend will definitely love being surprised with one of these awesome cat-themed gifts. Choose your favorite and send it now! Not a cat person? Check out our recommendations for mermaid or pineapple gifts instead!

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