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valentines day pancakes recipe posh and pop

What's Cooking - Valentine's Day Love Cakes With Cerrato Sweets

What better way to start your Valentine’s Day off right than with this adorably yummy Valentine’s Day treat? These cute mini pancake stacks are topped with strawberry hearts, making them the perfect way to say ‘I love you’! 

posh and pop valentines day recipe


(If using other brand follow directions for that particular mix)

  • 1 cup Arrowhead Mills Pancake Mix
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 TBSB oil
  • 1-3.4 oz box of JELL-O cheesecake or vanilla instant pudding mix
  • 2-1/2 cups milk
  • pink or red food coloring


First, make the mini pancakes. These taste best when served warm from the pan but can also be made in advance and stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a day if necessary. 

Preheat electric griddle to 375 degrees. In a bowl, whisk together the flour, cake mix, sugar, baking powder and salt until thoroughly combined. Add the eggs, the extract and the mix together, whisking until combined. To measure my ingredients I am using these adorable cat measuring cups & cat measuring spoons from Posh & Pop.

To make the heart shaped pancakes you have a few options: you can use heart-shaped molds, a heart shaped pan, or, if you are feeling brave try to free hand them! I used this heart shaped pan that I bought on amazon. 

For the pancakes, start with a hot skillet. Brush the skillet with vegetable oil and if using a heart shape mold brush the oil on that as well.

Pour pancake batter into each of the molds. Allow them to cook for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. Flip the pancakes over to finish cooking.

heat shaped pancakes posh and pop

Aren’t they so cute?! If some of the batter escapes your heart shape mold don't worry. Use a knife or kitchen shears to cut off the excess pancake. Set pancakes aside.

heart shaped pancakes recipe posh and pop


Now let’s make some pink sauce! In a bowl, whisk together pudding mix, milk and food coloring. Mix for 5 minutes until thickened and smooth. Set aside.

Prepare the strawberry hearts by using a mini heart shaped cutter to cut a heart from each strawberry, then cut each strawberry heart in half.

strawberry hearts posh and popheart shaped cookie cutter posh and popstrawberry heart cut out posh and pop recipe

Stack the mini pancakes (4 or 5 to a pile) and spoon cheesecake topping over them while they're still warm. Push a strawberry heart onto a bamboo skewer, then push into each stack of pancakes to hold it all together, with the strawberry heart on top. Top with decorative sprinkles.

valentines day recipe posh and pop

Repeat with the rest of the stacks. Place on a platter or board to show off!

Share this delicious breakfast in bed with your loved ones or enjoy a delicious brunch with your friends. These are made to impress :)

Enjoy this recipe? Why not save it to Pinterest so you can easily find it again! And, make sure you follow Cerrato Sweets for lots of more delicious recipes!

valentines day pancake recipe posh and pop


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